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For Your Safety


For Your Safety

      • Do not tell anyone your password. Nobody has the right to ask your password.
      • Before you register on a PTC, visit their forum. Some are full of spam or complaints from members.
      • Do not save important passwords in your browser.
      • Never use the same password for PTC – E-mail address – Payza – Paypal – Etc.
      • The password must be strong with 12-16 or more characters. a combination of large and small letters. numbers. and alphanumeric characters. Keep it in a safe place.
      • Don`t Upgrade your account if that PTC has not a good reputation / admin offering big discounts.
      • Don`t Invest in cheap PTC site / use ilegal licensed.
      • Use paypal or payza for invest.
      • Do not follow the PTC sites that provide huge value click $1 – $2 – $4 – $25 – $50 – $100 perclick is pure scam.
      • Use only personal PC / Laptop to login or register in your accounts.
      • Do not use Proxy Connection or shared network environments for to log or to give clicks. Many sites do not accept such a connection.
      • 99% from PTCs sites are scam or will be scam in a few months.
      • “5 years subscription” – Not give us any guarantee that PTC will be online for 5 years, and I noticed that many of them disappear in less than 6 months. Be careful where you choose to invest money!
      • Internet is full scammer. take care!